R & D capabilities

Founded in 2003, R & D Department of R & D is a professional research and development organization of mold development department under LinDa. It devotes itself to continually improving the pre-development and structural design capabilities of automobile components and provides systematic engineering solutions for domestic and foreign auto parts enterprises Program.

R & D department has a sound system research and development capabilities and processing equipment, with auto parts, especially good at the core system and door handle system design and development capabilities, have entered the international and domestic well-known automotive components manufacturing company Cylinder supplier system , And domestic and foreign auto parts manufacturers simultaneously developed. In addition, the R & D department is also responsible for the mold product design and trial production, process flow, process control and other aspects of theoretical and technical guidance.

As of 2017, a total of 25 R & D department of R & D, of which 6 were designed and developed, capable of using UG, Pro / E and other three-dimensional software to design various types of die-casting, injection mold, such as automotive lock cylinder, and through moldflow flow analysis software The simulation of injection molding is completed, and some data results are obtained. Through these results, the feasibility of the mold is evaluated and the mold design and product design are improved.

  • Mold design
    Cylinder lock system design capabilities
    Car door handle design can
    Car keyless entry system design capabilities
  • Mold flow analysis
    CAE optimization analysis capabilities
    With product molding process simulation capabilities
    Improve the design flaws can effectively
    reduce the part development costs and risks
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