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Ningbo Beilun Lin Automotive Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. testing center was established in 2012, has been six years of development history. Pre-order in order to better serve our customers, improve the precision of the parts, for auto parts, raw materials, from testing to research and development of one-stop analysis and testing. Adhering to the "customer first, in good faith forever," a principle of service for customer product testing escort. Testing Center currently has equipment: the United States ZEICCI CMM, salt spray test machine, video measuring instrument, metallurgical microscope and many other advanced matching testing equipment at home and abroad. To the customer's in mind, to provide customers with a variety of testing needs to provide specialized solutions. Will continue to invest in full spectrum direct reading spectrometer later, will be higher quality of service for the purpose of service to win the trust of quality to create brilliant. To provide customers with high quality testing services.

  • United States ZEICCI coordinate measuring instrument
    To ensure product accuracy and tolerance with the complex geometry of the measurement, Product size accuracy Positioning accuracy, Geometric accuracy and contour accuracy.
  • Salt spray test machine
    Artificial simulated salt spray environmental conditions, Assessment of corrosion resistance of products or metal materials, Environmental durability test, Assessment of zinc alloy plating salt spray corrosion Is it in line with the standard GB / T2423.17-93 GB10587?.
  • Image measuring instrument
    Built on the basis of digital CCD images, Rely on the computer screen measurement technology and spatial geometry operations of the powerful software capabilities, Can quickly read the optical ruler displacement values instantly get the desired result, Can visually distinguish the possible deviation of measurement results.
  • Metallographic microscope
    The optical microscope technology, photoelectric conversion technology, The perfect combination of computer image processing technology, can easily observe the metallographic image of zinc alloy, the metallographic pattern analysis, rating, etc., as well as the picture output, printing, the main test zinc alloy parts density.
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